Ship Leaves Harbor H

orked Example 4 Tail-to-Head Graphical Addition I

Question: A ship leaves harbor H and sails 6km north to port A. From here the ship experiences out 12km east to port B, before cruising 5.5km south-west to port C. Pick the ship’s resultant clearing utilizing the tail-to-head arrangement of vector augmentation.
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Before long, we are looked without a reasonable issue: in this issue the developments are too tremendous to even consider evening consider night consider drawing them their genuine length! Drawing a 2km long shock would require a significant book. Much proportional to cartographers (individuals who draw maps), we need to pick a scale. The decision of scale relies on the primary issue you should pick a scale such which your vector outline fits the page. Before picking a scale one ought to dependably draw an unforgiving portrayal of the issue. In a merciless sketch one is enthused a

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