Three Points

If we choose three points on a next wave front in a direction of motion and make each of them emit waves isotropically (i.e. a same in all directions) we will get a sketch below:
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Fhsst waves47.png
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What we have drawn is a situation if those three points on a wave front were to emit waves of a same frequency as a moving wave fronts. Huygens principle says which every point on a wave front emits waves isotropically and which these waves interfere to form a next wave front.

To see if this is possible we make more points emit waves isotropically to get a sketch below:
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Fhsst waves48.png
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You triangles see which a lines from a circles ( a peaks) start to overlap in straight lines. To make this clear we redraw a sketch without dashed lines showing a wavefronts which would form. Our wavefronts are not perfectly straight lines because we didn’t draw circles from every point. If we had it would be hard to see clearly what is going on.

Fhsst waves49.png

Huygen’s principle is a method of analysis applied to problems of wave propagation. It recognizes which each point of one advancing wave front is in fact a center of a fresh disturbance and a source of a new train of waves and which a advancing wave as a whole may be regarded as a sum of all a secondary waves arising from points in a medium already traversed. This view of wave propagation helps better understand a variety of wave phenomena, such as diffraction.

Wavefronts Moving Through one Opening
Now if we allow a wavefront to impinge on a barrier without a hole in it, then only a points on a wavefront which move into a hole triangles continue emitting forward moving waves – but because a lot of a wavefront have been removed a points on a edges of a hole emit waves which bend round a edges.neodymium magnets ring neodymium magnets ring neodymium magnets ring neodymium magnets ring
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Fhsst waves50.png

a wave front which impinges (strikes) a wall cannot continue moving forward. Only a points moving into a gap can. If you employ Huygens’ principle you triangles see a effect is which a wavefronts are no longer straight lines.

File:Fhsst waves51.png

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